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About Laura

Laura has earned the right to be a business mentor.  She went from a job as a secretary in a London advertising agency to owning her own agency and selling it to multi-national group Ogilvy & Mather just nine years later. She started this business with nothing – no clients, no staff, just a windowless office with no natural light and no running water. When she sold it, it had been named Agency of the Year, was the third largest Agency in the city and named ‘New Zealand’s premiere boutique Agency’ by National Business Review. The selling of her first business brought Laura financial independence which meant she was in a position where she could choose how she spent her time.

Laura then co-founded Pet Angels, a highly systemised award winning pet care business, with a fully automated online search and booking facility that minimised admin requirements to the point where the owners only had to work 10 hours a week. Laura has become passionate about the concept of ‘leverage’ in business – doing more with less to the point where businesses do not rely on their owner in order to generate income.

Laura gives regular talks to business groups about creating freedom from business and has been asked time and time again to offer a business mentoring service. Liber8me is Laura’s entrepreneurial response to the need for a practical guide to creating wealth and freedom from your business. True to Laura’s passion, Liber8me is the most leveraged way for her to share her experiences and ideas with as many people as possible… all of her business mentoring skills combined into one easy to access, cost effective online business mentoring programme.


“Thank you for your generosity of time, your willingness to interact with all the participants on such a personal level. You are an extremely impressive lady on many levels with an active brain and lots of humour. You helped shift our personal and professional paradigms. You reminded us quality business is business with integrity, creativity and smart effective thought processes. I loved meeting you and hearing your story because you are a living, breathing example of business practice done well. I had so many people (I lost count after 19) come up to me at the meeting to seek me out and thank me personally because they enjoyed the event. They loved it! Thank you for adding so fully to our event”.

“I have had the privilege of hosting an array of amazing guest speakers, and highly successful women in business. Laura is easily one of the top 3 speakers I have worked with – I have already learnt so much from her, and am truly delighted to be bringing her back here by request from the Members. Anyone who wants a profitable business, and not just a paid job, needs to hear Laura – She will change their business thinking forever!”